Gain confidence, understand judging, and reach your goals in the hunter ring.

From finding the perfect distance every time, to understanding what the judge is really looking for, Judge & Trainer Archie Cox helps the junior and amateur hunter rider refine their training at home in preparation for the show ring. This course is designed to work alongside your trainer's program or on its own.

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Master Finding the Distance

Discover what causes 'chips' and 'flyers,' learn how to measure and ride a great jump from any distance, and practice targeted, hands-on exercises at home to develop your eye.

Know What Judges Want

Straight from the judge's mouth, learn exactly what hunter judges look for in each division. Plus, a judge's tips on how to stand out above other competitors in the hack and over fences.

Build Your Confidence

Eliminate burnout, frustration, and show nerves to become the most confident and happy rider you can be. Learn how riders reach success and how to get rid of pre-show anxiety.


'R' rated judge, trainer, clinician, and coach of multiple national champion hunter horses and riders, Archie Cox, teaches the secrets to putting in confident, winning rounds in the hunter ring, at any level.


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Get the most out of your training.

If you work with a trainer, we know that you put your utmost trust in them, and so do we. Each Masterclass is designed to work either in coordination with your trainer or alone; the course is created with riders and trainers in mind. Think of each course like the ultimate clinic, but one that you can revisit again and again.

When you become an all-access Masterclass member, you'll get unlimited access to all of of our equestrian Masterclasses. Each course contains hours of video footage, an interactive workbook, and a community of equestrians to help support you to reach your goals. You'll also get special bonuses, like monthly live webinars in the private Facebook group, and early access to special events and offerings.

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The problem with most online equestrian education is that it's either too general, or too specific. There's a lack of balance between holistic theory and practical application. NÖELLE FLOYD Masterclasses bridge this gap by working with the top equestrian riders and instructors in the world to produce high quality video footage, cover a range of topics holistically, and turn the theories into mini-training programs that you can take with you to your barn to get real results.

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Archie Cox's Lesson Plan

Archie takes you through his background growing up with horses and learning under some of the most influential figures in the sport. From training with Bunny and John French, to working under Karen Healey, to starting his own business in California and bringing horses and riders to the very top, he explains the most important lessons he's learned along the way and the passion that he has for teaching and training.

Archie believes that the secrets to a winning hunter round are confidence and teamwork. In this lesson, he explains his approach to practicing at home, avoiding burnout and frustration, and how to create horses that love their job and riders who feel confident and happy in the saddle.

A step-by-step guide to what makes a successful hunter round, and how to ride a course like a winning hunter rider. You'll learn what to do when you make a mistake on course, how to best show off your horse, and exactly how to plan your ride for the best chance of success on course.

It's a misconception that equitation doesn't matter in the hunter ring. While you may seem some interesting styles at the top level, you first must master the basics of proper position, use of your aids, and communication with your horse. In this lesson, you'll learn the most effective position, how to use your aids for seamless communication, and the right way to use tools like crops and spurs.

To ride well over fences, you must first ride well on the flat. Flat exercises build confidence and strength in both horse and rider, and help riders practice communication and foster teamwork. This practical exercise works on a circle to deepen connection and reinforce aids and position – but don't let its simplicity fool you! This is a powerful exercise that can help change your riding.

A top problem that junior and amateur hunter riders deal with is horses landing heavy on the forehand. This pulls the rider out of the tack, makes it difficult to plan the next jump, and makes it harder for the horse to jump well. This practical exercises, which can be done with poles on the ground or low jumps, teaches horse and rider how to plan, communicate, and balance between fences.

The dreaded distance: the #1 issue for most junior and amateur riders. In this lesson, you'll learn the secrets to a good distance, how to measure distances and create a great jump from anywhere, how to troubleshoot common issues, and a practical exercise to help you develop your eye from both the short turn and the infamous long ride.

Archie teaches his top tips for riders of all levels who want to be successful in and out of the show ring, regardless of division or ultimate goals. From attitude and mindset to small details that make a big difference, he shares what he's learned as a rider himself, and from coaching countless riders to the very top.

Learn exactly how a hunter round is scored and what judges look for in each hunter division. You'll also uncover how to make a strong first impression, what small things can be deal-breakers for judges, and what you can do to set yourself up for success. Bonus: step-by-step instructions on how to win the flat class, even if you don't have the best mover in the bunch.

How to take the lessons that you've learned in this Masterclass and put them into action to get real results at home and in the show ring, and how to plan for continuous growth and improvement.


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