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Equestrian Masterclasses

Learn from the best in the sport. 

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Equestrian Education for All.

All riders deserve access to the top teachers and best education. Regardless of level, discipline, finances, or location, we're committed to bringing you the equestrian education you need to reach your goals and be the best rider and horseman you can be. The world's best teachers are now available to you, one-on-one, in your home or at the barn.

All-Access Membership

The Masterclass membership is a digital subscription designed to take your riding and horsemanship to the next level, and give you access to the equestrian education you need to succeed. Each 10-part course is designed to be used systematically over 4 - 6 weeks to give you real results. You get six new courses per year (courses never expire), a practical workbook and printable worksheets for each course, community support, a monthly live webinar in our private Facebook group, and first access to special content and events.


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