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Success in the saddle is built from the ground up. In this free three-part 'Mini-Masterclass,' you'll learn the exact steps that top coaches and riders in the sport use to create confident horses and riders at all levels.

Featuring lessons from 10-time Olympic show jumper Ian Millar, mental skills coach Annette Paterakis, and five-time Olympic show jumper and top hunter/jumper coach, Anne Kursinski.

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Since launching our equestrian Masterclass courses, thousands of members have joined and are seeing real results. We created this 'Mini-Masterclass' to give you a chance to experience how you can learn from the best instructors in the sport, turn their teachings into practice, deepen your connection with the horses you ride, and reach your riding and horsemanship goals.

This special three-part course features individual lessons from a few of our favorite Masterclass instructors, put together into a comprehensive 'Mini-Masterclass' that will help you set achievable goals, understand how your horse learns and thinks, and work towards those goals on the ground through a unique approach to lunging and training. It's designed to set you up for success... before even putting a foot in the stirrup! 

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What's included?

Three-Part Video Course

Featuring three streaming video lessons pulled from three of our favorite Masterclass courses, taught by mental skills coach Annette Paterakis, and Olympians Ian Millar and Anne Kursinski.

Step-by-Step Practical Exercises

Step-by-step practical activities are included with each video to help you take what you're learning and put it into practice at the barn. You'll also get a printable course workbook.

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Instruction From the Best

Learn from the top riders and coaches in the sport, totally free. It's like taking a mini-clinic with two Olympic show jumpers and a top mental coach, no strings attached.

Here's what other riders are saying...

"I’ve adjusted how I’m lunging to incorporate the techniques used in the video. Very helpful, especially with my young off the track mare! She’s already thinking things through and slowing down from voice more consistently."

– Christina

"I now feel ready to step out of my ‘comfort zone’ and am looking forward to the challenges ahead in a much more relaxed, confident manner, which I’m sure my horse will appreciate! Thanks for doing this Masterclass!"

– Kate

"I've always looked up to Anne Kursinski, and getting to learn from her is amazing. My communication with my gelding has improved so much, we've even gotten over having the occasional stop!"

– Ana

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