In our masterclasses, we put a big emphasis on goal setting. More importantly, we like to emphasize working towards your goals, using what Annette Paterakis calls "Process Based Goals."

Process based goals help you focus on the habits you need to develop to reach your goal. For example, if your goal is to jump 1.20 meters, and you're still at 2' 6", you have some work to be done.

Instead of focusing on jumping the 1.20 meter, you would set the goal of jumping the highest possible oxar you can for 10 jumps, three times a week, and attempt to increase it marginally each week. 

In essence, your goal becomes putting in the work and practice sessions you need in order to reach the outcome you want. 

If you need a refresher on this type of goal setting, watch lesson 6 of Annette Paterakis' Masterclass on confidence

Now Share Your Goals With The Community!

The Equestrian Masterclass community is an amazing group of supportive equestrians who are all trying to become better riders and horse people. 

Every month we revisit our goals, reflect on the previous month and share our progress. This will help keep you focused and accountable, and will also keep you motivated when you encounter setbacks. 

Submit your January goals here in the private facebook group:





Each month we will link back to past goal setting posts below so you can review your goals and gain inspiration.


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