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From conquering show nerves to mastering groundwork, strengthening your aids, connecting with your horse on a deeper level, and beyond, NOËLLE FLOYD Masterclasses give you one-on-one access to the best instruction in the sport. 

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"Wow! What a fantastic learning resource! I am now hooked on learning from some of the best in the business."

- Jo

"Several of the classes seem to be filmed to address EXACTLY what I am having problems with."

- Christina

"I am so happy to be part of this amazing group of members – actually, I want to call it my online team!"

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What does an all-access membership include?

Become a Masterclass member and get unlimited access to all of of our equestrian Masterclasses. Each course contains hours of video footage, an interactive workbook, and a community of equestrians to help support you to reach your goals. You'll also get special bonuses, like monthly live webinars in the private Facebook group, and early access to special events and offerings.

New courses are released six times per year, and previously released courses never expire.

The problem with most online equestrian education is that it's either too general, or too specific. There's a lack of balance between holistic theory and practical application. NÖELLE FLOYD Masterclasses bridge this gap by working with the top equestrian riders and instructors in the world to produce high quality video footage, cover a range of topics holistically, and turn the theories into mini-training programs that you can take with you to your barn to get real results.

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In-Depth Video Courses

Streaming video courses are expertly filmed to break down philosophies and concepts. With a holistic approach and 10 videos per course, it's a new approach to equestrian education.

Practical Training Programs

Each Masterclass contains a downloadable workbook, worksheets, and step-by-step exercises to help you turn what you're learning into real results in and out of the saddle.

Community Support

Members get access to our private Facebook group and the community of thousands of fellow equestrians – connect, ask questions, learn together. Plus, access bonus live monthly webinars in the group.


Frequently Asked Questions:

All-access memberships are offered as affordable annual subscriptions. At $199.99, the price comes out to just over $16 per month for unlimited access to educational content! For around the cost of one dinner out per month, you can have unlimited access to the Masterclass library, special events, webinars, and more for a full year. 

Our membership is designed to give you the best results when used regularly throughout the year, so you get all 6 of that year's courses + the courses already in the library, 12 monthly webinars, and community support throughout the year. It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill, so we want to give you support and tools for that entire process!

We don't offer individual courses for purchase, since Masterclass is designed to give you a holistic equestrian education tool to help you reach all of your riding and training goals. Our all-access memberships mean that you're getting each course at a screamin' deal!

As a member, you get the following:

  • Access to all currently released courses
  • Access to all upcoming courses (we release 6 new courses per year)
  • All supporting materials (course workbooks, worksheets, bonus downloads)
  • Entrance into the private Facebook group
  • Monthly live webinars in the group
  • Customer support direct from our team
  • Early access to special events and offerings

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